Pacific Magazines partners with Magzter for digital expansion

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New York, New York – Pacific Magazines, one of the leading publishers in Australia, adds its best-selling magazines to Magzter, the world’s largest digital magazine newsstand. From health and fitness to fashion and lifestyle, Pacific Magazines publishes popular titles across several exciting categories, thereby remaining a household name in Australia. By partnering with Magzter, these magazines are all set to reach millions of more readers all over the globe. Here is the list of some of the most popular magazines from Pacific Magazines that can be read on Magzter:

Men’s Health Australia is the go-to magazine for men looking to improve all aspects of their lives, from fitness and health to relationships, career and nutrition. This monthly magazine is priced at AUD 40.29 ($30.99 USD) for an annual subscription on Magzter.

Women’s Health Australia motivates and educates women to take control of their physical and emotional selves, so that they can live the lives they imagine. This monthly magazine is priced at AUD 29.89 ($22.99 USD) for an annual subscription on Magzter.

InStyle Australia combines luxurious fashion shoots, practical shopping pages, exclusive celebrity interviews and expert tips and tricks. This monthly magazine is priced at AUD 29.89 ($22.99 USD) for an annual subscription on Magzter.

Marie Claire Australia’s unique editorial mix delivers you an entertaining, exciting and intelligent read every month with the perfect balance of substance and style. This monthly magazine is priced at AUD 29.89 ($22.99 USD) for an annual subscription on Magzter.

New Idea is full of fascinating features, the latest celebrity news, practical and delicious recipes and interesting real-life stories, as well as up-to-the-minute fashion, health and beauty advice. This weekly magazine is priced at AUD 61.09 ($46.99 USD) for an annual subscription on Magzter.

Who delivers a compelling mix of credible celebrity news, interviews, portraiture and intriguing human interest stories, told from the perspective of the people directly involved. This weekly magazine is priced at AUD 71.49 ($54.99 USD) for an annual subscription on Magzter.

“Pacific Magazines is excited to partner with Magzter to expand online distribution for our portfolio of leading brands. We’re confident that Magzter, with its 30 million subscribers, will extend our reach and introduce our brands to new audiences.” – Jeremy Sutton, Head of Direct Marketing, Pacific Magazines – Australia

“We’re quite thrilled to welcome Pacific Magazines to the Magzter family. With the arrival of the best-selling titles from Pacific Magazines, our Australian catalogue has further strengthened, and we’re confident that these magazines will be lapped up by our readers, who enjoy reading quality content. Here’s wishing Pacific Magazines to taste great digital success on Magzter.” – Girish Ramdas, CEO, Magzter Inc.

“Pacific Magazines brings some of the most renowned international magazine brands like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, InStyle, and Marie Claire to the Australian readers. We thank the team at Pacific Magazines for choosing Magzter to accelerate their digital growth, and we will do all that we can to increase their readership all over the world.” – Vijay Radhakrishnan, President, Magzter Inc.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* 48.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Magzter – Digital Magazine Newsstand 6.14 is free (with in-app purchases) and available worldwide through the App Store in the News category. All the titles from Pacific Magazines also come as a treat to Magzter GOLD users, who can enjoy reading them along with 4,000+ other international digital magazines. The Magzter app is also available on the web, Google Play, Amazon App Store, Kindle Fire and is expanding to more platforms soon. Magzter’s easy purchase and renewal systems ensure subscriptions are paid on time, eliminating the need for paper checks and postal mail issues. Users can buy their magazines on any of the above devices/platforms and seamlessly port their purchases to any other devices, a feature unique to Magzter.

Magzter – Digital Magazine Newsstand 6.14
Pacific Magazines
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Magzter is the world’s largest and fastest growing global digital magazine newsstand with over 30 million digital consumers, more than 8,800 magazines from over 3,500 publishers. Headquartered in New York, Magzter has its local offices in London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Cape Town, Chennai, Singapore and Tokyo and will soon be expanding to other countries. Founded by global entrepreneurs, Girish Ramdas and Vijay Radhakrishnan in June 2011, Magzter enables magazine publishers around the world to create and deliver digital editions of their titles to global consumers. Powered by its proprietary OREY Click Publishing System(R), Magzter also enables their customers to publish interactive/audio-visual content in the magazine as it supports HTML5. Magzter launched Magzter GOLD subscription service to give digital readers unlimited access to thousands of magazines for a low monthly price. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2017 Magzter Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

CoachGuitar – World’s Most Popular Guitar App is Faster & Easier to Use

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Paris, France – The over 5 million budding musicians who have already downloaded the guitar learning app CoachGuitar – and millions more who have yet realize their guitar hero dreams – can now get their smartphone or tablet tuned up for a flame-worthy solo now that Manomaya SAS has released a new version that is faster and easier to use.

Available at no cost, there are several reasons why CoachGuitar has received more than 9000 5-star reviews, and has been featured as a best music app in Apple’s App Store in over 140 countries. To start with, it makes learning guitar incredibly fun and remarkably simple. Users just launch the app, and watch comprehensive step-by-step instructional HD videos prepared by professional music teachers who have taught thousands of students. Absolutely no prior music aptitude is required.

What’s more, unlike DVDs, YouTube videos, books or other guitar learning tools that are static and two-dimensional, Coach Guitar 4.7 features a dynamic, detailed and color-coded animated fretboard that clearly demonstrates correct finger placement, strumming direction, slides, hammers-on, pull-offs, bends, and more. It’s a level of instruction that in many ways surpasses in-person classes, since users watch videos in slow-motion or loop videos to focus on a specific technique or skill. Plus, there’s no theory, so users dive straight into practicing and playing.

While CoachGuitar’s interface and instructional design are outstanding, what many users around the world love most about the app is the integrated music library, which features everything from classic gold (such as Hotel California) to recent hits (such as Get Lucky), to simple favorites (such as Happy Birthday). Users choose the song that appeals to them, and within seconds they start learning how to play.

Other CoachGuitar special features include:
* Left-handed and right-handed views
* Backing track with voice
* Structure and chord diagrams
* All guitar tabs included
* New songs constantly added to the music library

“Users around the world of all ages have told us how much they love CoachGuitar,” commented Boris Douarre, CEO of CoachGuitar. “And now the latest version is even better. With just five colors and no music theory, anyone can learn to play guitar!”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* 129 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Coach Guitar 4.7 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Music category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play. Users can access the app at no-cost. Additional features include the full catalogue includes 500+ songs, 2 Subscriptions Passes are available (Beginner Pass $3 99 /month (USD) and Premium Pass $7.99 /month. Lessons are available via the CoachGuitar app or via the web.

Coach Guitar 4.7
More Info
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Manomaya is a publisher of digital music learning applications since 2012 based in Paris. They created CoachGuitar, a unique and innovative way of learning guitar with a method based on colors. With a strong background in video and mobile development, these music lovers collaborate now with professionals music teachers, to bring to their users a very high-quality service. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2017 Manomaya SAS. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

PDF Checkpoint Now Can Preflight PDF Document Font Names

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Toronto (ON) Canada – Zevrix Solutions today is proud to announce the release of PDF Checkpoint 1.7.19, a feature update to the company’s PDF preflight and conversion automation tool. Remarkably fast, PDF Checkpoint automatically preflights, exports as images, splits and optimizes multiple PDF documents. PDF Checkpoint is an ideal program for users who need a fast, affordable and easy to use solution to check PDF files for errors and prepare them for print, web and mobile devices.

The new version introduces the option to check PDF document for specific font names in addition to the existing ability to preflight font type, encoding and embedding status. The new feature is especially useful to catch PDF files produced from Adobe InDesign documents with missing fonts by checking the PDF for common substitution fonts such as Myriad and Courier. The update also introduces case-insensitive keyword search and improves the reliability of preflight profile auto-saving.

“It’s a great idea to enable color profile conversion in PDF files so easily,” says Miles Linklater of design studio 24pt Helvetica in Vancouver, Canada. “PDF Checkpoint saves me a lot of time when submitting ads for large magazines.”

PDF Checkpoint is designed to automate and simplify PDF workflows of publishers, ad agencies, prepress houses, printers and graphic designers. It offers the following features:

* Batch preflighting and conversion of PDF files
* Flag PDF fonts, colors, images and metadata with specific attributes
* Convert PDF color mode to specific ICC profiles
* Create preflight profiles for specific job types
* Route files by preflight results into success and error folders
* Split files into single page PDFs
* Export PDF as images with given resolution, color and page scale

Pricing and Availability:
PDF Checkpoint can be purchased on Mac App Store and Zevrix website for $39.95 (USD), as well as from authorized resellers. The update is free to licensed users. Trial is also available for download. PDF Checkpoint requires Mac OS X 10.7-10.12.

Zevrix Solutions
PDF Checkpoint 1.7.19
Download PDF Checkpoint

Located in Toronto, Canada, Zevrix Solutions provides automation and productivity solutions for Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite software, PDF workflows, graphic file diagnostics and Microsoft Office output on Mac OS. Zevrix is dedicated to help professionals increase their profits through automating everyday tasks, producing error-free documents, saving disk space and cutting production costs. For more information, visit their website. Copyright (C) 2017 Zevrix Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

PrimaveraReader available on iOS platform

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Malmoe, Sweden – Seavus is pleased to announce the launching of the mobile iOS application for opening XER project schedules created in Oracle Primavera P6. PrimaveraReader 1.0 is a subscription based iOS application and is aimed to find a great use in a wider targets audience working remotely, such as project schedulers, team leads and team members in different industries.

What makes PrimaveraReaders unique is that it offers a new way of viewing the XER project schedule. Besides the key functionalities, it offers a simple and easy to use interface with many different graphical views. This way the project work flow when working at field will be enhanced with increased effectiveness and resource time spending.

Key Applications features
* Activities – view the open project activities
* My tasks – filter only the activities assigned to the current user
* Feedback – send a direct e-mail to the responsible manager or others
* WBS – view the work breakdown structure
* Projects – view the graphical representation of the project’s hierarchy in the enterprise (EPS)
* Resources – view the resource details

“We believe that such an affordable yet professional product will change the way companies work with Project Schedules created in Oracle(R) Primavera P6. The rapid insight of activity status and filter introduced in PrimaveraReader will make the use of schedules exported in PDF obsolete in the near future”. Stojan Gancev, R&D Manager

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 9.0 or later
* 23.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
PrimaveraReader for iOS offers a free Trial with all subscription options listed below:
* 1 month subscription – $9.99 USD (1 week Free Trial period)
* 6 months subscription – $49.99 USD (1 month Free Trial period)
* 12 months subscription – $79.99 USD (1 month Free Trial period)

The product is also available via Reseller network: Plan Academy, CIMA Project Management, Innocom Technologies Pte Ltd, Comparex, QBS Software Ltd, SHI International Corp., Insight and many others. All interested parties can schedule a free demo session for further details, or download a free 15-day trial of the Desktop version.

As a reminder, PrimaveraReader allows users to open and view project data exported from Oracle(R) Primavera P6 in .XER or .XLS file format. PrimaveraReader is designed to deliver the well-known view of project information among all parties involved, providing quality of data, interactive views and complete preview of data. PrimaveraReader is applicable to all project oriented organizations, from smaller projects to large scale project and portfolio oriented enterprise corporations and is available for Windows, Mac OSX and iOS platform.

PrimaveraReader 1.0
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Seavus is an international software development, outsourcing and consulting company with a proven track-record in providing successful enterprise-wide business solutions. The company has over 700+ IT experts worldwide and offers a variety of products and service options, successfully covering the European and US markets from several offices around the world. Seavus’s expanding portfolio covers: Telecom BSS/OSS, Billing solutions, CRM, CEM, Business Intelligence and DWH solutions, Banking, Insurance and Financial platforms, Embedded solutions, Business and consumer products, Mobile and gaming solutions, Managed services, as well as custom development, quality assurance, consultancy and resourcing. The Seavus portfolio includes over 3,500 customers, including leading worldwide telecoms and handset manufacturers, organizations from the banking and finance industry, consumer electronics, technology, education, government and more. Seavus is a globally authorized master distributor for the software product family PrimaveraReader. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2017 Seavus. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, macOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Speak News updated – iPhone/iPad RSS News Reader with Text-to-Speech

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Berkeley, California – Imaja has released a major upgrade to Speak News RSS news reader with text-to-speech, with many new features and improvements, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Speak News delivers streamlined RSS news feeds, with flexible Settings for text-to-speech, earphone remote control support, and more.

Background Updating and Reading Modes:
Speak News now has better multitasking for downloading news for offline reading, updating feeds in the background while reading or speaking news feeds in the foreground.

Fast Background Update action now works in the background, so you can keep reading news from any bookmark while other sources are updated.

The Update While Reading action displays and autoscrolls a news feed’s stories for a user-determined interval, and then loads the next news feed in the Bookmarks collection. This is a useful hands-free speed reading mode for news aficionados.

New Speech Features:
The new voice library in Speak News can be used to select the set of voices to use for speaking stories, speaking each story in a new voice for distinction.

Speak News adds international language support for text-to-speech with a voice library and a new option in the app’s Settings view: Use voice for story language. A voice appropriate to the language of a story can be automatically selected for text-to-speech. High-quality voices for various world regions and languages can be downloaded in the Settings app on the device.

New Query Bookmarks:
Follow news topics with Speak News query bookmarks. Query downloaded RSS news feed stories for keywords and create collections of stories on favorite topics from different sources in the bookmarks collection. Queries work with downloaded content, even when offline. Queries can be spoken using dictation with a simple natural language phrase such as “story contains hurricane”.

New Google News and Twitter Bookmarks:
Speak News adds support for Twitter and Google URLs as a type of bookmark. Natural language shortcuts can be used to create Twitter and Google News bookmarks. Twitter bookmarks can include tweets for a particular user, or a Twitter hashtag or search phrase. Google News bookmarks include a topic search.

Tweets are optimized by Speak News for screen reading and text-to-speech by optional replacement of web links with a link icon. The elimination of user icons and tweet images simplifies the visual reading experience by removing distractions.

Feedly Support in Speak News:
Speak News includes support for reading a Feedly OPML file to import RSS news feed URLs in bulk into the Speak News bookmarks collection.

Speak News Ease-of-Use Improvements:
Speak News now includes improved toolbar button layout for iPad and iPhone in both portrait and landscape orientations. The set of toolbar buttons is optimized for each model of iPhone based on the screen size and orientation. Rotate the phone to landscape mode to reveal more buttons.

This Speak News update also includes a reorganized Settings view for clarity and ease of use, including improved controls for View Mode and Display Style. Other improvements include special character HTML code translation, speech feedback for user actions, and smooth scrolling behavior. Update Feeds and Add New Bookmarks views are now popovers in the app’s current display style, easier to use, and nicer on the eyes when using one of the dark mode display styles.

Speak News has been updated for iOS 10, updating the visual style of the Speak News Today widget for iOS. More keyboard commands have been added for users with an external keyboard connected to the iPad or iPhone. Keyboard shortcuts provide navigation, speech playback control and more.

Speak News supports getting the RSS feed URL automatically from a web site, if supported by the particular web site. Create a bookmark manually and use the regular URL for a web site, and Speak News will automatically get the RSS feed URL if available.

If an RSS feed has any validation errors, Speak News will include a link to the feed validator page with errors at This feature is useful for news publishers and webmasters who want to improve the coding of their RSS feeds.

Imaja’s Greg Jalbert points out the innovative new features, “Imaja created Speak News to expedite news research and sharing. This major update includes powerful news search capabilities for searching the offline cache of stories. We made it easy to create queries for the bookmark library. Google News queries and Twitter feeds and searches can be added to the Bookmarks collection using natural language phrases entered with dictation or the keyboard. Also included are improved user interface graphics and controls, flexible text-to-speech controls, and voice library configuration. This update refines our vision of a powerful news reader for your eyes and ears. The Settings view in Speak News lets users determine the desired behavior of Speak News text-to-speech, audio mixing, feed updating, display styles, and more.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* 22.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Speak News 2.2.2 is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the News category. For more information, please contact Greg Jalbert.

Speak News 2.2.2
Purchase and Download
Screenshot (iPhone)
Screenshot (iPad)
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Located in Berkeley, California, USA, Imaja was founded in 1985 by Greg Jalbert, and publishes a variety of productivity, business, news, text-to-speech, calendar, task management, and animation software for macOS/Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. All Material and Software (C) 1985-2017 Imaja / All Rights Reserved. Apple, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

MacMate makes it easy with all-new online Web Builder

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London, United Kingdom – MacMate, the UK-based tech company who stepped in to provide a replacement hosting service to hundreds of thousands of iWeb users when Apple withdrew its iWeb offering in 2012, today launches its brand new online Web Builder (v3.1). Re-engineered to give small businesses the opportunity to build a full-featured and professional online site within their web browser using point-and-click designs and layout blocks.

Once activated, users can choose from a selection of over 3000 theme and palette combinations and add useful features like maps, contact forms and even a fully-featured shop module with just a few clicks and no extra charges.

As well as providing an affordable way for customers to build their own site rather than use a web designer, it’s a marked shift from popular application-based web building with software like iWeb and Rapidweaver – removing the need for any software or web skills. Online Web Building is the new way to quickly and easily build a website. One of the key benefits of MacMate’s Web Builder is the price point: at only GBP4.99 / $5.99 per month, it’s at least half the price of comparable packages from Wix or Weebly. As well as an easy way to build a website, MacMate have experienced internet and Mac-specific support available around the clock.

“Web Builder is designed for and targeted at small businesses and individuals who need to create a great looking website on a budget – but without compromising the look and functionality of the site. Now at version three, we think we’ve achieved that objective in buckets – the feedback so far has been amazing and we’re already working on enhancements” Gary Hall, founder and CEO.

MacMate Web Builder comes with 10GB of cloud storage and one business-class 10GB email address – more of both can be added easily, as well as the ability to easily add additional websites as either Web Builder sites, HTML or WordPress. Setup of the free 30-day trial is instant so users can build their website before committing or adding any payment details.

All sites themes are fully responsive so they look great on mobile or desktop right out of the box and are fully customisable from moving elements, adding pictures, adding galleries, newsletters, knowledge-base sections, voting polls and e-commerce options to name but a few. The shop module allows users to instantly fire up an online shop, integrated with Paypal so cards can be accepted with the order admin process all handled effortlessly. In fact, all that’s needed is a PayPal username or email address to start taking payments immediately.

“Small businesses and startups love the fact they can build their site and have it hosted professionally – all at one easy monthly fee – and safe in the knowledge that a company with a solid reputation here to help and assist.”

Image (ScreenShot)
Image (MacBook Demo)
Image (Web Builder Make it Easy)
Image (MacMate Logo)
Image (Web Builder Logo)

Launched in June 2012 as a replacement to Apple’s MobileMe service, MacMate is an exciting online cloud service from the multi-award winning, Mac-specialist ISP, MacAce. MacMate was an instant success on launch and hosts tens of thousands of customer websites, email accounts and domains. MacAce has an ardent determination to provide high quality, innovative Internet services to Mac users around the world, backed up with the highest levels of support and customer service. For over 20 years MacAce has been servicing the Mac community and now boasts one of the fastest and most reliable networks in the world, with headquarters in the UK and offices and network infrastructure in the US. MacMate also offers MacMate Drive, a 110GB versatile cloud storage package, as well as MacMate Pro for regular HTML hosting or WordPress. Copyright (C) 2017 MacAce. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Yuemey’s Social Career App Is Flourishing With Millennials

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Boston, United States – Yuemey, Inc. is creating quite the buzz in the world of career networking. With the recent launch of their app on iTunes, Yuemey is quickly emerging as the go-to social-career app for Millennials.

“Millennials constitute half of our global workforce and they need a career network that caters to their needs and lifestyles,” said Cary Weir Lytle, Co-founder, CEO, Yuemey, Inc. He continued, “Companies also need help making their employer brands relevant with this critical talent market as they only have a 1-in-3 success rate today when trying to recruit Millennials.” The number one reason for failed hires is the inability to find the right cultural fit (or match) and the second two are slow recruiting processes and difficulties engaging the right talent on a global scale.

Yuemey’s vision is to create a network where Millennials can manage their professional identities and access other professionals, companies and opportunities in a seamless, transparent manner-which requires creating technology that surpasses the tools Millennials have for managing their social connections. In contrast to other career apps, Yuemey offers unique and intuitive features such as visual profiles-with video intro, dreamboard and inspiration sections-along with private chat, geo-location enabled groups, and video chat.

True to its mission, this is just the beginning of Yuemey’s social-career evolution. “With our commitment to building the most efficient and interactive career network,” says Tejas Bodiwala, Co-founder, CPO/CTO, “we are pioneering ways to optimize A.I. and machine learning-which includes a Personal Assistant (Career Coach) to automate networking, scheduling meetings, interviews and events-as well as utilizing Virtual Reality and organic video content for a new suite of employer branding and recruiting tools.” According to industry insiders like Jackye Clayton and Carrie Wiley, Yuemey will revolutionize hiring and networking for Millennials.

So, how can you join Yuemey’s social-career revolution?

Simple. Download the Yuemey app on iTunes (Android version coming soon) and sign up with Facebook or Instagram. Once the app is launched, you can find people and join (or create) groups. When you discover people and groups, Yuemey’s chat features allow immediate communication and message notifications – removing the need to wait for connection requests or emails. You can also tailor your unique story by adding a video intro, highlighting your array of experiences and goals with the dreamboard, and sharing your skills and sources of inspiration.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* 80.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Yuemey 1.9 is available for free to download from the iTunes Store in Social Networking Category.

Yuemey 1.9
Download from iTunes
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
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Founded by Cary Weir Lytle and Tejas Bodiwala in 2016, Yuemey, Inc. is headquartered in Boston, USA. Yuemey’s founders have more than a decade of experience with Millennial career development and mobile B2B and B2C apps. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2017 Yuemey, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

B-Eng Gives Away Free Password Manager Tool for Mac

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Fehraltorf, Switzerland – B-Eng today is pleased to announce their free password managing tool for Mac ready for download on their homepage. The tool is called simply Password Manager and runs on any Mac running macOS 10.9 or later with a 64-bit processor. Password Manager allows anyone to organize passwords in groups with individual lists for each group, the creation of templates for both groups and entries and protection with either master password or fingerprint for Macs that support Touch ID. The app supports multi users, and lists can be exported and imported as xml-files.

The encryption of the database is set to 256-bit Rijndale with 50.000 rounds by default, but can be altered to ChaCha2 and Twofish alternatively while supporting AES and Argon2 algorithm. Password Manager also comes with a customizable password generator, supporting a password length of up to 256 characters, the autotype function makes handling passwords with this length a simple task.

“I wanted a password manager that is easy to use, absolutely safe and allows me to manage my accounts according to the different jobs I actually have, helping to keep these different users apart. The decision to make our own app to manage passwords was a no-brainer after news of other well known password managing tools being hacked.” explains Christian Schaffner, General Manager of B-Eng.

Password Manager for Mac is available on the homepage of B-Eng after registering with a user name and a valid e-mail.

Password Manager
Quick Start Guide

Located in Fehraltorf, Switzerland, Bachmann Engineering (or B-Eng) is an independant swiss company, specialized in custom electronics and software. Founded in 2003 by Harry Bachmann, the company is very strong in development of custom algorithms for special purposes, adaptive software and prototype design. All Material and Software (C) 2003-2017 B-Eng / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, OS X, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

SecuritySpy 4.1 – Update to macOS Video Surveillance Software

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London, United Kingdom – Ben Software today is proud to announce the release of SecuritySpy 4.1, an update to the premier multi-camera CCTV software for the Mac. With powerful and flexible recording features, motion-activated events, and remote monitoring and configuration, SecuritySpy is designed for demanding video surveillance applications. This version adds many new features, including new joystick-like Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls, zero-configuration email sending, and performance improvements.

“This update represents our ongoing commitment to maintain top-quality NVR software and respond to our customers’ feedback” said Ben Bird, the developer of SecuritySpy. “We are proud to deliver a host of improvements that make SecuritySpy even more powerful, but also easier to set up and use.”

The main features of SecuritySpy are as follows:
* Displays and records multiple cameras simultaneously
* Powerful capture features, with motion-detection and notifications
* Built-in secure web server for remote monitoring and administration
* Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) support
* Secure off-site backup of captured footage
* Browser feature for synchronised multi-camera playback of captured footage
* Supports all major brands of IP camera as well as ONVIF-compatible cameras
* Supports all industry-standard media formats (JPEG, MPEG-4, MxPEG, H.264, AAC)
* Extensively threaded and optimised to take full advantage of multi-core Macs
* Hardware-accelerated video compression and decompression

SecuritySpy supports virtually all IP cameras on the market, including the popular Axis, Dahua, Canon, Amcrest, Foscam, Hikvision and Vivotek ranges. SecuritySpy features advanced motion detection, which can be used to trigger recordings as well as email alerts, audio alarms, iOS push notifications and external devices. The built-in secure web server allows remote monitoring of live streams and captured footage from over the Internet, using a web browser or an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

The full list of improvements in this version is as follows:
* Joystick-like PTZ controls, allowing fine direction and speed control
* Email relay service – no SMTP server setup required to send emails
* UPnP support for automatic router configuration for remote access
* Higher-resolution thumbnails for captured footage via the web interface
* Supports “ca-bundle” certificate bundle files for the HTTPS web interface
* Improved network performance and other speed improvements
* Added “Packet Loss” column to the Camera Info window
* Easy automatic software updates from within the application
* Improved ONVIF auto-discovery to work with more cameras
* Retries failed FTP uploads for improved reliability
* The pop-up “Errors” window can be disabled
* Fixed problem connecting to Axis cameras via RTSP-over-HTTP
* Fixed bug preventing the setting of PTZ preset positions
* Fixed memory leaks and multiple minor bugs

Pricing and Availability:
Pricing is in British Pounds, Euros or US Dollars and depends on the number of cameras used, ranging from GBP 29.90 (approx. USD $40) for a single-camera license, to GBP 649.00 (approx. USD $850) for an unlimited-camera license. SecuritySpy supports any Mac running macOS (Mac OS X) 10.7 “Lion” through 10.12 “Sierra.” SecuritySpy can be tested for 30 days before purchase, with no demo limitations whatsoever. For more information, please contact Ben Bird.

Ben Software
SecuritySpy 4.1
Download SecuritySpy
Application Icon

Ben Software Ltd is an independent software development house focused on providing high-quality video-related software for the Mac. Copyright (C) 2017 Ben Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Moneyspire Announces New Lower Pricing For Its Personal Finance Software

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Bellflower, California – The Moneyspire 2017 personal finance software for Mac, Windows, and iOS is now available for a new lower price, making managing your money more affordable for millions of people all over the world. Moneyspire brings your entire financial life together in one place, and helps give you peace of mind. Keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards, etc., and organize your transactions and see where your money is going. Set bill reminders and see all your upcoming payments so you never forget to pay a bill again. Set a budget for all your expenses and keep track of your progress to help you stick to your budget. Generate detailed reports and charts and see exactly where your money is going, and make tax time easier.

Features Include:
* All the tools you need to manage your money
* A clean easy-to-use interface
* Split transactions
* Reconciliation
* Investment account support
* Multiple currency support
* Direct Connect with online bill pay
* Check printing
* QIF, QFX, OFX, and CSV file import
* Mobile companion app
* Optional cloud support to share your data between your computers and devices
* And much more

Pricing and Availability:
Moneyspire pricing now starts at $29.99 USD (originally $39.99). Moneyspire is the best software for managing your money, and is trusted by thousands of people all over the world. Manage your money smarter, simpler, and better with the Moneyspire personal finance software now. For more information, please contact George Ashkar.

Moneyspire 2017
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Moneyspire Inc. is a personal finance software company that serves thousands of customers all over the world, on six continents. The Moneyspire name is a portmanteau of the words “money” and “inspire.” And that’s what Moneyspire is all about: Inspiring people to manage their money in more effective and meaningful ways. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2017 Moneyspire Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, OS X, iPhone, iPod iPad, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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