CARROT Launches Public Offering on Netcapital

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Royal Oak, Michigan – CARROT pass, LLC today announced a public stock offering through the Netcapital online crowdfunding platform. CARROT’s innovative health and wellness program, which features the “CARROT Wellness” mobile app, uses a gamified approach and instant gratification to deliver unrivaled engagement and results in motivating people to lead more active lives.

“There’s nothing like CARROT in the marketplace today. We’re a mobile gaming company, and we’ve used that experience and expertise to create a ‘gamified’ program that truly motivates even the most sedentary employee,” said CARROT founder and CEO Michael Antaran.

CARROT’s patent-pending, “set-it-and-forget-it” program uses personalized goals, generated daily by CARROT’s proprietary algorithm, and instant gratification to motivate employees on an individual basis. This – and its simple, low-cost pricing – makes CARROT an attractive corporate wellness program for companies of all sizes. CARROT leverages the viral advantages of mobile technology to quickly onboard small employers while offering an affordable, scalable solution for the world’s largest corporations.

Introduced in January 2016, CARROT is already generating revenue with more than 15 clients including Henry Ford Health System, Oakland University, the United Auto Workers International, Macomb County Government and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Those customers currently offer the CARROT Wellness program to 60,000-plus paid participants in the United States, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, and several other countries.

“We’re viewed as disruptive in the industry,” Antaran said. “But when your wellness program allows you to earn gift cards instantly for meeting personalized goals, while at the same time compete in activity challenges and contests like fantasy football, I suppose ‘disruptive’ is an appropriate label – and it’s one we embrace.”

CARROT has raised money through traditional funding channels, but Antaran wanted to be sure that everyone had a chance to share in the success of the company. This desire led to the decision to offer stock on the Netcapital platform. Investors on Netcapital can purchase equity in CARROT Pass LLC for as little as $4.90 (USD). To learn more or invest in CARROT, visit Netcapital online.

Michael Antaran

CARROT was created by Marvel Apps LLC, an independent software development company based in Royal Oak, Michigan. CARROT is a mobile health and wellness program that motivates participants on an individual level. Its proprietary algorithm allows all staff members to compete equally for rewards, providing instant gratification for meeting personalized goals. Company founder Michael Antaran was selected by Goldman Sachs to participate in its 2014 10k Small Business Program, a program he successfully completed while developing CARROT. Marvel Apps was also one of just 16 U.S. companies invited to participate in a Small Business Coaching Session hosted by Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg LP in New York in 2015. In November 2016, CARROT took top honors as the most innovative solution to connect millennials with health care in Crain’s Detroit Business’ inaugural “Healthy@Work” competition. With the ability to accommodate multiple programming languages and adapt in a start-up environment, Marvel Apps has produced multiple Top 10 Apps in the Mac App Store. (C) Copyright 2018 Marvel Apps LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and macOS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Maintain Releases Cocktail 11.2.1 (High Sierra Edition)

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Ekero, Sweden – Maintain today is proud to announce the release of Cocktail 11.2.1 (High Sierra Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running macOS High Sierra 10.13. The update is highly recommended for all users of Cocktail (High Sierra Edition).

What’s New:
* Added ability to clear boot caches
* Added ability to clear Twitter caches
* Added compatibility with macOS High Sierra 10.13.3
* Improvements on the “Clear Internet caches” procedure
* Improvements on the “Clear system caches” procedure
* Improvements on the “Perform essential system maintenance” procedure
* Improvements on the “Purge inactive memory” procedure
* Improvements on the “Clear the hibernate (sleepimage) file” procedure
* Improvements on the “Clear Apple system logs and diagnostic messages” procedure
* Addresses an issue in which Cocktail may fail to detect Mac OS Extended (HFS+) partitions
* Addresses an issue in which Cocktail may disable Safari extensions
* Addresses an issue in which VoiceOver stopped working after clearing audio components cache
* Fixed compatibility issues with Boom 3D and McAfee Endpoint Security
* Fixed compatibility issues with NVIDIA and AMD graphics drivers
* Fixed a bug in which Google Chrome bookmarks have been reverted to an outdated version during clearing of the Internet caches
* “Disable support for page icons” (Interface > Safari) setting is now working properly
* Resolves a number of other issues discovered in the previous release
* Minor interface improvements
* Updated Automator actions
* Updated Help files

Cocktail is a general purpose utility for macOS that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac. The application serves up a perfect mix of maintenance tools and tweaks, all accessible through a clean and easy to use interface. Cocktail’s features are arranged into five categories that helps you manage various aspects of your computer. It also comes with an automatic Pilot mode that allows you to simply press a button and relax, knowing that Cocktail will take care of the rest.

* Automatically check S.M.A.R.T. status of disks
* Enable or disable journaling
* Set disk sleep (spindown) time
* Modify standby delay
* Change other disk sleep settings
* Force eject CD/DVD

* Run periodic maintenance scripts
* Purge inactive memory and optimize virtual memory usage
* Manage Spotlight indexing
* Erase Spotlight indexes
* Modify Time Machine settings
* Rebuild Launch Services and Help databases
* Rebuild Mail’s Envelope Index
* Update locate and whatis databases
* Force empty the Trash
* Change startup mode or set startup delay
* Disable startup sound
* Disable Gatekeeper
* Disable Notification Center and App Nap

* Clear system caches
* Clear user caches
* Clear font caches
* Clear virtual memory swap files
* Clear temporary files
* Clear Internet caches
* Clear cookies, download lists, form values and history files
* Clear Adobe Flash Player caches and cookies
* Clear applications caches
* Search for corrupted preference files
* Delete unnecessary localization (language resources) files
* Clear and manage (view, print and save) log files
* Delete invisible DS Store files
* Delete locked or inaccessible items

* Change speed, duplex and MTU of network cards
* Easily optimize network settings for common connection types
* Modify IP configuration parameters
* Configure File Sharing settings

* Customize look and features of Finder, Dock, login window and other system services
* Modify hidden settings of Safari, iTunes and Launchpad

System Requirements:
Cocktail (High Sierra Edition) requires macOS High Sierra 10.13 to run. Cocktail (Sierra Edition) for macOS 10.12, Cocktail (El Capitan Edition) for OS X 10.11, Cocktail (Yosemite Edition) for OS X 10.10 and Cocktail (Mavericks Edition) for OS X 10.9 are available for download from Maintain website.

Pricing and Availability:
Cocktail is $19.00 (USD) for a single user license and available for purchase from the Maintain website. When unregistered, Cocktail runs in demo mode and will expire after the tenth launch.

Cocktail 11.2.1 (High Sierra Edition)
Download Cocktail 11.2.1 (High Sierra Edition)
Vimeo Video
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Application Icon

Maintain develops tailored applications for Mac users. We work towards creating technical solutions which maintain your computer and make it as efficient and easy to use as possible. In addition, we offer comprehensive consultancy and support services which cover everything from operation of existing systems to purchase and implementation of new technical solutions. Among our clients are: Major League Baseball, Puma, The New York Times, Sony Pictures, Ericsson, Fortum, The City Of Calgary, Peak Performance, Loreal, Harvard University, Los Angeles Times, Swedish Film Institute, Weber, ESPN, Business Week, Swedish National Police Board, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Getty Images, University of Texas, South Park Studios, CompUSA, bwin, Lockheed Martin, Defense Intelligence Agency, University of Michigan and hundred of thousands of Mac users around the world. Copyright (C) 2018 Maintain. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Math Classroom Challenge 1.20 – Enhanced Math Panels & Rocket

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Barcelona, Spain – Titan Deep Space Company today is pleased to inform that Math Classroom Challenge (MCC) has been updated to version 1.20. MCC, the kids version of Math Combat Challenge, is now available for iPhone and iPad, and iPod touch. Developed with Metal API, MCC is an educational and interactive game that generates random math exercises in an safe 3D environment for children.

New features:
This new version has some new elements. Specifically:

The new button that allows to generate random math dynamic panels manually can be pushed twice. Just touch the button and a random problem will appear as usual. Throw water to the right solution with your water hose. If you don’t push the button, random math problems will generate at random intervals. Now, if you push the button again while the panel is active, the dynamic math panel will be placed in front of the player, so the player can interact with it easily, and there is no need to move the player to find the panel. This feature will be very appreciated by kids that don’t want to move if they don’t want to. The player can use or not this new feature, so playing as usual is still possible. The difficulty of the game changes by using or not this new feature.

Another feature is “The Rocket”. Whenever three math dynamic panels are solved, a rocket will fly across the stage. While the rocket is flying, new points gained will be multiplied by two. This will improve the game by adding a new element to obtain more points. Solving the maximum dynamic math problems while the rocket is flying will be a challenge for kids. Again, this is a feature that can be used only if the player wants to.

* Static panels are not changed. Benny the pet will still mark the right numbers to solve the static panels with his ray.
* Some minor enhancements and tweaks, mainly with the Metal API.
* Remember you can dynamically configure the view movement in the config panel, if it is too slow or fast for you.
* Thank you for your feedback, and have a nice Math Day!

About Math Classroom Challenge:
Achieving an interest in mathematics that reaches all ages is a primary goal for us. To that end, the company has developed a version of Math Combat Challenge specially designed for the little ones: Math Classroom Challenge for kids. This version has no enemies, and no weapons. Instead, the player throws water with a water hose to the numbers, solving the static and dynamic random panels, from sums to equations.

Math for the little ones:
Math Classroom Challenge is designed especially at children aged five to twelve, although the game can of course be configured to be a challenge at any age. We intend to create several modules with different possibilities and mathematical challenges, and this first module is specially inspired by Christmas.

With the help of Benny the puppy, the youngest will be able to learn mathematics, playing with the help of a tutor, or they will learn mathematics by themselves from a certain age. The game allows you to set the type of operations to solve, and the maximum number of errors, or an unlimited number of errors. You can also set the maximum time, up to a maximum of fifteen minutes. The entire environment is designed, both visually and in sound and music, to be accessible for all ages, even the youngest.

Learn the numbers while playing:
The game can also be used for children to learn to recognize the numbers that fly around the stage, without even having to solve the exercises if they don’t want to. The enemies of the original game have been eliminated, and the weapons have been replaced by a water hose, with which the player will throw water at the numbers to solve the static panels, or else to the correct solution in the dynamic panels. But the most important thing is to introduce young people to the world of mathematics in a fun and entertaining way.

“The Math Classroom Challenge is available for iOS (iPhone/iPad), and we are considering publishing it for Windows and Mac if players are interested,” explained Ignacio Campomanes, developer at Titan Deep Space Company. “We started with mobile devices because these kinds of games can then take you everywhere, and enjoy mathematics anywhere. This environment is already included as a free scenario in Math Combat Challenge for Windows and Mac, so if you own that game, you have Math Classroom Challenge for these operating systems. Mathematics for everyone, and also for the little ones.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 5s or later and iPod touch (6th generation)
* iPad Pro (2nd generation) or later
* Requires iOS 9.0 or later
* 736 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Math Classroom Challenge 1.20 is only $0.99 USD (with no additional purchases or on-screen advertising) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. For more information, please contact Ignacio Campomanes.

Titan Deep Space Company
Math Classroom Challenge 1.20
YouTube Video (Tutorial)
Vimeo Video (Rocket)
Promotional Image (New Rocket feature)

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Titan Deep Space Company is a software company developing educational games for Windows/Mac/iOS. We think learning science can be fun and entertaining. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2018 Titan Deep Space Company. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

Package Central for Adobe InDesign Now Supports IDML File Processing

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Toronto (ON) Canada – Zevrix Solutions today announces Package Central 1.11, a maintenance update to its document packaging automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Originally developed for a major publisher in the United States, the software automates InDesign packaging by processing files from watched hot folders. Package Central offloads file packaging to a central system leaving operator workstations free from the document collection process.

The new version lets users process InDesign Markup Language (IDML) files which enable backwards compatibility with older InDesign versions. IDML files provide an interchangeable format for InDesign documents, as well as a way for third-party tools to modify and assemble InDesign files. Users now can submit IDML files to Package Central hot folders just like the regular InDesign documents.

Under Package Central workflow, production artists, prepress operators and designers simply submit files to watched hot folders that reside on a network. The software automatically collects InDesign files along with their fonts and links freeing user’s time for important tasks such as design and layout. Operator workstations will never again be tied up by the packaging process.

Package Central runs on a dedicated Mac station and watches hot folders for incoming InDesign files. The software performs all its tasks automatically and can run absolutely unattended. It offers the following key features and benefits:

* Automatically collect InDesign files from hot folders
* Update modified links automatically
* Create PDF and IDML files on the fly
* Automatic email notifications of process stages and errors
* Compose variable folder names
* Serves unlimited users on a network
* Detailed processing history

Pricing and Availability
Package Central can be purchased for $149.95 (USD) from Zevrix website as well as from authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download. The update is free for registered users. Package Central requires macOS 10.7-10.13 and Adobe InDesign CS5-CC 2018.

Zevrix Solutions
Package Central 1.11
Download Package Central

Located in Toronto, Canada, Zevrix Solutions provides automation and productivity solutions for Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite software, PDF workflows, graphic file diagnostics and Microsoft Office output on Mac OS. Zevrix is dedicated to help professionals increase their profits through automating everyday tasks, producing error-free documents, saving disk space and cutting production costs. For more information, visit their website. Copyright (C) 2018 Zevrix Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

Find Them All: My Pets for iOS – Interactive Educational App

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Paris, France – Knbmedia today is pleased to introduce Find Them All: My Pets for iOS, the fourth in their series of “Find Them All” Educational apps for kids 2 – 8. A guided introduction, entirely spoken in 8 languages, to 48 different pets. The 100% interactive app features 7 different activities, including: Match the Pet, Win an Animated Card, Take a Photo, Find the Pet in the Dark, Make a Jigsaw Puzzle from a Photo, Play the Quiz and Watch Videos. My Pets also allows kids to arrange all the cards they win in a virtual album, keep a photo album of all the photos they take, and print, fold, cut out and paste their own paper albums.

On launch in landscape orientation, kids are greeted by the Sun, smiling and speaking from the top left corner of the screen. He acts as a friendly guide through every activity, and provides positive reinforcement each time the child makes a correct selection. The first activity, Match the Pet, challenges kids to scroll left or right and find the full size animal that matches the thumbnail beside the Sun. Only one pet is present each time the child looks, but it can be easily overlooked amidst the terrain and plant life of its natural habitat. Matching and touching the animal, kids are rewarded with an animated playing card showing a close-up illustration and announcing the correct pronunciation of the species in 8 languages.

Having collected at least 12 playing cards, kids win their own blue camera with zoom lens. Using this camera, they can frame and photograph any pet from far left to far right. Taking a photo of any animal unlocks a brief description, which can be heard aloud. In the Find the Pets in the Dark activity, players try to touch as many animals as possible before night falls. Once it is dark, kids can use their flashlight to find the missing animals. Make a Jigsaw Puzzle from a Photo allows children to take a photo and then turn it into a jigsaw puzzle by shaking the iDevice (the more they shake, the more pieces). Puzzles can be easy or hard, from 4 to 42 pieces. The Play the Photo Quiz activity asks kids to find any animal with a question mark superimposed on it. Touching it brings up an interactive quiz, where kids can show off all they have learned. Lastly, players look for a kid with a camera and win a video.

* Contents: 48 animals to discover.
* Entirely spoken: children are autonomous, even the youngest ones.
* Multi-lingual: the names of the animals are available in height languages. You can choose to change the language in which the game is played.
* Educational: discover animals through photos, sound, videos and audio commentary.
* Adapted to each age group: numerous activities during short games with difficulty levels adapted to the child.
* Safe: No adverts, no external links and a special parents’ zone.
* Multi-user: each child can have their games with their settings.
* Printable booklet: albums can be printed and assembled through folding.

Some figures about our Find Them All Collection:
* 192 animals
* 96 dinosaurs
* 72 characters from Fairy Tales and Legends
* 48 (96 planned) pets
* 800 audio commentaries in 8 languages
* 200 videos and 800 photos
* 40 updates since the first launch in 2011.
* Rated 4.5 stars and more than 5000 reviews worldwide

“After your child has mastered the animals from all over the world – from the Spotted Cuscus to the Clouded Leopard – with our Find Them All: Looking for Animals, it’s time to move on to the pets,” commented Philippe Bobis of Knbmedia.

Language Support:
* English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 7.0 or later
* Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices
* 146 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Find Them All: My Pets 1.0.0 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category. Review copies are available on request.

Find Them All: My Pets 1.0.0
Download from iTunes
YouTube Video (Intro)
App Icon
Press Kit (zip)

Based in Paris, France, Knbmedia was founded by Philippe Bobis in 1998. Knbmedia is an organization comprised of two people who have specialized in computer sub-contracting since 1998: rich applications (Flash/Flex), e-learning modules, and websites. Knbmedia has recently moved into mobile apps with several successful releases. Copyright (C) 2018 Knbmedia. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

App Tamer 2.3.4 can quit idle apps, improves control of CPU usage

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Denver, Colorado – St. Clair Software is pleased to announce the availability of a free update to its App Tamer utility for macOS. App Tamer 2.3.4 features a new option to quit idle applications and improves its control of applications’ CPU usage.

The changes in version 2.3.4 include:
* App Tamer can now be set to quit applications after they’ve been idle in the background for a certain amount of time
* Improved management of CPU usage for apps that have multiple sub-processes, like web browsers and Spotlight
* When you turn on Time Machine Acceleration, App Tamer warns you if you have settings that are at cross purposes
* App Tamer’s own CPU usage has been reduced

More about App Tamer:
Some Mac applications, especially web browsers, continue running tasks or animations even when they’re supposed to be idle in the background. This can consume valuable processing power, reducing battery life and producing heat that increases fan noise. App Tamer’s unique AutoStop capability automatically slows down or pauses these applications when you switch away from them, and then restarts them when you click back to them. This frees your CPU and reduces power consumption.

App Tamer comes pre-configured to automatically manage Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Spotlight, Time Machine, Word and many other apps when they’re in the background. And customizing it for other applications is just a mouse click away.

Pricing and Availability:
App Tamer will operate on any Macintosh running macOS 10.8 or higher, and is free to try for 15 days. A license to continue using it after the trial period is $14.95 (USD). This update is free for users who purchased App Tamer 2.x or bought App Tamer 1.x after July 1, 2013. For those that purchased a license before that date, the upgrade is $7.95 (USD).

St. Clair Software
App Tamer 2.3.4
Download App Tamer
Application Icon

Based in Denver, Colorado, St. Clair Software is a privately held company that has been specializing in utilities and custom software solutions for the Macintosh since 1988. St. Clair Software can be contacted at: St. Clair Software, 271 S. Emerson Street, Denver, CO, USA 80209. Copyright (C) 1988-2018 St. Clair Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

iOS Business App Awards – 2017 Tabby Awards Recognizes 19 Apps

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San Diego, California – The Tabby Awards has announced the winners of the 2017 iPad and iPhone Business App Awards competition. 19 iOS business and enterprise apps – 11 for iPads and 8 for iPhones – were recognized for their excellence and leadership. Winners included apps from Workday, Slack, Salesforce, Zoom, Quickbooks, Square, and Trello.

“With over 300,000 business apps available today on iOS, our iPhone/iPad app award winners are positioned within the top 0.01% of a fiercely competitive marketplace,” commented Matt Harney, Executive Producer of the Tabby Awards. “Each year the ‘consumerization’ of business IT increases. Business users expect the apps they use for their work to deliver the same smooth interfaces and quality design they experience with traditional ‘consumer’ apps. Against these high expectations, these award-winning business apps were distinguished by their ability to delight users.”

With all iOS business apps eligible and under consideration, winners were selected based on a combination of quantitative metrics and qualitative factors. The analytical evaluation component focused on app review scores submitted over the course of 2017 to measure user engagement. The qualitative component – benefiting from the Tabby Awards expertise in judging app awards since 2012 – focused on user interface, design, and innovation. The degree of tablet-optimization was also a key factor in the assessment of iPad apps. The 2017 Business App Award winners are presented below by device type:

iPad Business App Award Category Winners:
* Diligent Boards
* DocuSign
* Fieldwire
* Hotschedules
* PlanGrid
* QuickBooks Accounting
* Smartsheet
* Square Point of Sale
* Trello
* Workday
* Zoom

iPhone Business App Award Category Winners
* Airtable
* Concur
* Freshbooks
* Hours Time Tracking
* Salesforce
* Shapr
* Shyft
* Slack

This list is also published on the Tabby Awards / Business website, where these category-leading apps can also be downloaded. Please refer to TabbyAwards online for additional information regarding our mobile app award events.

Tabby Awards
Tabby Awards for Business

The Tabby Awards is the most comprehensive awards program honoring the best apps for tablets and iPads. Since 2012, it has held two separate competitions: one for consumer apps and games and one for business and professional apps. Starting in 2015, the Tabby Awards events expanded to include phone-optimized apps. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2018 The Tabby Awards. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

Faber Acoustical Releases SignalScope X for iOS as a Free Download

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Lehi, Utah – Faber Acoustical’s SignalScope X brings powerful new tools for dynamic signal analysis and data acquisition to iOS and replaces all the functionality currently found in SignalScope Pro, SignalSuite, IOScope, and RoomScope with subscription-based tool sets. For the first time ever in an iOS app from Faber Acoustical, SignalScope X may be downloaded for free. The user can then start a 7-day free trial of the Pro Tool Set Subscription. Without a subscription, the user is free to continue to use SignalScope X’s multi-channel Oscilloscope tool. SignalScope X is available for download on the App Store, now.

The original SignalScope and SignalSuite for iPhone were available for download on the opening day of the iPhone App Store. Now, after nearly 10 years of iOS development, SignalScope X offers a clearer expression of Faber’s vision for the future of acoustics-related signal analysis, data acquisition, and measurement on mobile devices.

The most powerful addition to SignalScope X is the new MultiTool. SignalScope X’s MultiTool acts as a project manager and host for the other tools in SignalScope X. On iPhone, up to 2 other tools (subtools) may be added to the MultiTool at one time. iPad models support up to 4 subtools, except for iPad Pro models with 10.5-inch or larger displays, which support up to 6. Besides the obvious benefit of being able to see and interact with multiple subtools, simultaneously, the MultiTool can save its current subtool configuration under a user-defined name.

Any of the saved configurations can then be selected for immediate application in the MultiTool. This allows for different configurations to be saved for different projects or jobs. For example, one configuration might include an Oscope and FFT Analyzer and another might include an Octave Analyzer and a Data Recorder. On iPad, one configuration might include all 4. Even when using just a single subtool, the MultiTool allows multiple configurations of that tool (e.g. a unique configuration of the Dual FFT Analyzer for each of several different measurement types) to be saved and recalled at will.

SignalScope X’s new Data Recorder tool supports real-time continuous streaming of up to 8 channels to an audio file. Along with the audio file, SignalScope X can save an “info” file, which contains metadata including date, time, location (if enabled), input channel details, and sensitivity calibration information. This metadata will also be embedded within the audio file, itself.

The new real-time XY Plotter allows the user to immediately visualize time, frequency, and amplitude relationships between two signals, or even create visually appealing images such as Lissajous curves.

Other significant features new to SignalScope X include optional background operation, independent/simultaneous operation of all tools, and independent input/output channel selection in each tool. It is also now possible to directly analyze the output of the signal generator in any of the real-time analysis tools. SignalScope X also makes it much easier to move data files in and out of the app via Files (iCloud Drive), Dropbox, or other apps on a user’s device that can load or export compatible files.

SignalScope X 10.0 offers in-app subscriptions for Basic, Advanced, and Pro tool sets that can automatically renew at monthly or annual intervals. Subscriptions give users access to updates, new features, and new tools within the subscribed tool set. Subscriptions also cover ongoing hardware support, such as periodically updated nominal microphone sensitivities for built-in microphones on Apple devices, updated nominal voltage sensitivities for select audio input devices, and automatic calibration for audio input devices that include built-in sensitivity information.

The Basic Tool Set includes the Oscope, FFT Analyzer, 2D Real-time Spectrogram, and XY Plotter tools. The Advanced Tool Set includes the basic tools as well as the 3D Real-time Spectrogram, Octave Analyzer, Level Meter, Data Recorder, and Stereo Signal Generator tools. The Pro Tool Set includes the basic and advanced tools, plus the Dual-channel System Analyzer (Dual FFT), Room Acoustics Analyzer, and MultiTool.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Designed to take full advantage of the iPhone X’s 5.8″ screen
* Requires iOS 10.0 or later
* 30.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
SignalScope X 10.0 is Free (with in-app subscriptions) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. For more information, please contact Benjamin Faber. The existing SignalScope, SignalScope Pro, SignalSuite, IOScope, and RoomScope apps will receive maintenance updates and remain available for sale on the App Store for a limited time for the benefit of those who need access to their respective tools on iOS 8 and 9.

Faber Acoustical
SignalScope X 10.0
App Store Link
iPhone Screenshot
iPad Screenshot
App Icon

Faber Acoustical, LLC provides affordable solutions for professional acoustical measurements, research, and education. Current products include acoustics and audio apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Copyright (C) 2018 Faber Acoustical, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and macOS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Empowering Community-Based App Officially Launches in iTunes

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Tampa, Florida – WishAlerts, the m-commerce app that grants “wishes” made by its users, expanded into the US market by officially launching today in the iTunes App store. WishAlerts links communities by allowing users in the same geographical area to connect with others to share information about common interests such as favorite topics, events, groups, or about local businesses.

The app lets users join or create local interest groups, find or host events, get reviews about local businesses, and make wishes. For example, to find a romantic restaurant for an upcoming anniversary, the user enters their wish, and the distance around them that they want information from and, within seconds, users receive unique offers from nearby businesses. Or if a user just needs information about a particular topic of interest, they can post a new question and nearby users will respond.

“Mobile users expect a personalized experience that is location relevant and tailored to their individual needs. Thanks to AI, WishAlerts is able to provide an intuitive, assistive experience that’s unique to each user. Users can also be locally-owned businesses, says Founder and CEO Shane Amyx. “This is a great way to reignite the economies of small towns on a community by community basis.”

WishAlerts is geo-location based, so it automatically alerts users with personalized, locally-relevant information wherever they go so they’ll always be in the know. The more a user makes wishes in the app, the better tailored the suggestions become as WishAlerts’ artificial intelligence algorithms learn to provide a personalized mobile experience.

“We believe that the ability to connect users directly with local businesses or with other like-minded people is the key to reconnecting folks with their communities and to creating more meaningful relationships, while at the same time, supporting local artisans and small businesses,” said Shane Amyx. “This approach empowers the local community and takes us back to our roots, when life was more simple and people helped one another.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 9.1 or later
* 77.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:
WishAlerts 2.4 is Free for users who sign up by 1-31-18, and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. WishAlerts ships in two versions: One for small businesses and one for consumers. Consumers can add wishes, and businesses can provide them, thereby bridging the gap between local supply and demand.

WishAlerts 2.4
Direct Download Link
App Icon

Shane Amyx, CEO of Wish Alerts, Inc., founded the company in 2015. He created Wish Alerts to find a way to help society, connect people, encourage artisans, small-business owners and entrepreneurs. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2018 Wish Alerts, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

Blood of Patriots 90s Arcade Fighting Game Reborn With Political Figures

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Marina Del Rey, California – Driven by nostalgic love of the arcade fighting games of the 1990s, 12 to 6 Studios LLC is proud to announce Blood of Patriots 1.0 for iOS and Android devices. The fighting classics of the 90s have been reborn with an infusion of today’s political satire. Choose one of seventeen characters from a mix of presidents, vice presidents, a few senators and 1 judo champion and fight your way through the “Tree of Liberty.” An evil force, lurking in the shadows, threatens our democracy. It is up to you to refresh the tree of liberty and save the republic. Are you the last true patriot?

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson

* 17 Characters – Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, Mike Pence, John F Kennedy, John McCain, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Al Gore, Ronald Reagan, Dick Cheney, Richard Nixon, Abraham Lincoln, Elizabeth Warren, Vladimir Putin

* 4 Levels – White House, Mount Rushmore, Gettysburg, Liberty Bell

* Custom Character Moves – Each character has a unique fighting style with custom sounds and fight moves. All characters have 9 types of punches, 9 kicks, a special move, a throw move, a fireball (hadooken) and custom intro and outro animations.

How to Play:
A user may choose between Story Mode & Versus Mode. In Story Mode, a user may select a character and start the journey. The user will see the “tree of liberty” with the opponents in the tree. In Versus Mode, a user can choose Player vs CPU and choose the 2 characters they would like to battle. Player vs Player is a great way to practice moves on an still opponent. CPU vs CPU is a great way to sit back and let the AI fight.

Helping The Real Patriots:
A portion of Blood of Patriots proceeds will go to charities that are committed to providing homes and care to veterans. These are the real patriots of our country and many of them need our help.

Future Plans:
Blood of Patriots will be available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, XBox One, and Sony Playstation later this year. New characters and levels will be added along with with regular updates improving game-play and user experience.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 10.0 or later
* 514 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Blood of Patriots 1.0 is Free (With App Purchases) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play. George Bush and Al Gore are included in the free download. All other characters are available for .99 cents each. For more information, please contact Josh Axelman.

Blood of Patriots 1.0
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